Saturday, April 5, 2014

Birthdaying Boys (And a Couple of Girls Too)

Calder's birthday party did eventually happen. I guess all of us being sick again last week reminded me about it.

Shockingly, despite being hastily rescheduled, most of the invitees ended up coming and the kids seemed to have a grand old time. What surprised me the most, however, was how comfortable the other parents seemed to be with "Oh hi, nice to meet you, here's my kid for two hours." I mean, I know that I am not secretly running a sweatshop out of my basement powered by child labor under the guise of playdates but they don't. Total, only one other mom stayed to hang out which was cool but after observing six kindergarteners running around my house house, I can see why the other parents left.

Calder's chosen theme was Outer Space which is totally within his pattern of completely obsessing over some or several things and then when asked what he wants his party/room/gift to be, going in a completely unexpected direction. Feeling holiday exhaustion, I didn't got all out Pinterest on his party and just ordered a bunch of stuff online. Which, whatever, he doesn't care. Only I do. Like usual, I bought too much food and my kids were more than happy to be eating taco dip for lunch the next three days. Who doesn't want to eat taco dip? Calder's friends, apparently.

The only planned activity was the pinata which would maybe explain why a floor hockey game eventually broke out in my living room while the boys took turns playing Calder's new Skylanders game. If you are going to have a conversation with a six year old boy, I highly recommend learning the names of a few Skylanders first, just in case. I have to say, there was something kind of humorous about repeatedly saying, "Let me go grab another stick" as kids wandered in and the hockey game slowly grew in size. We have an obscenely large number of child-sized hockey sticks at the ready, is what at I am saying.

Having a ton of extra sticks on hand is really convenient when your jerryrigged pinata fails to stay hung after only two feeble whacks. Plus, it seems more egalitarian to let the kids all go to town on it with hockey sticks all at the same time. Nor hurt feelings and no hurt eyes. Shockingly.

Calder and his friends all seemed to have a good time even if I maybe felt a bit for the lone girl to show and the experience has led to a handful of playdates with a couple of the attendees. These playdates consist of more playing Skylanders and less beating things with hockey sticks so all is well.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Everyone Here is Sick and I Feel Bad About Ignoring Wren

We are all sick. Spring is finally here, even if in name only, and we have all caught some awful chest plague. Feeling badly just leads me to feeling bad about other stuff like how I never write here any more and how unfair that is to Wren because of course I am just as lazy about physically documenting her life with photographs and baby books and gawd, she is going to be all ,"What was my childhood like?" and I am going to be "GAWD, I don't even know. I forgot to write it all down."

So before I forget, here's some stuff I would like to preserve about Wren forever and ever.

  • In Wrennese, "a little bit" is condensed into two words, "a librit". I had no idea what she was saying for the longest time until one day she asked for some more candy or something and was like, "Just a librit?" and it finally sunk in. Sometimes she even asks for "two librits". I usally give in because that is freaking adorable. 
  • Wren has the most amazing hair. Going out in public means that at least one stranger will comment on it. Either that or her eyes which are almost navy blue. I think the hair comes from Bruce's side of the family which is funny because if you have seen him, you'd know that he is almost completely bald. He hair is lovely,  yes, but also a bitch to deal with. She wont let us tie it or pin it back much and thus it routinely ends of gummed with whatever she's been eating. There is also this one section at the back of her head, whether from sleeping or her car seat I don't know, where every other day I find a snarl just in that spot. One so bad it requires bribery and oil to untangle. Sometimes I wish I could cut her short since she isn't much into upkeep but I feel like people would get mad at me if I did.
  • Wren is the most princessiest weirdo I have ever met. She refuses to wear most anything unless it is pink or purple with rare exceptions being made for things with animals on them. Still though, she is growing into a little ass kicker who regularly makes her brother cry and wants us to play all the sports with her. "Lets go do some sports!"
  • I thanked god a little the day the Frozen disc arrived at our house because it finally meant an end to the incessant Tangled viewings. I like Tangled well enough but it was getting a bit repetitive even if I could put it on and guarantee that Wren would be asleep before "Mother Knows Best" finished.
  • When she stays still, Wren is one of the most photogenic human beings out there. I don't know how she does it, I can't look normal in front of a camera to save my life. Even when it's been two days since she let us brush her hair and she is looking all feral, Wren still managed to stare into the camera lens and give face.
  • Wren is loving her new-found potty skills. Even though the pony bribes have stopped, she hasn't and loves to tell us what's going on with her poops. Every so often I will be awakened from a reality show-induced stupor with a "Wook, it's GWEEN" being shoved into my face. Wren is perhaps maybe a bit too independent about potty time now and insists on doing everything herself including the wiping which makes me want to go around and disinfect all the things.
  • She has an incredibly adorable lisp at the moment. I don't know if it is something that will resolve on it's own or require intervention but right now I don't care because it is wicked cute. Especially when she declares herself to be "Wapunzthul Pwinthess" or "a pwinthess Ninja!"
  • Her depth of love for bugs is unknowable. At least for the cute bugs anyway. So far I've been able to determine that the definition of "cute" here seems to be, "not a cicada." A few days ago she had me retrieve a dead lady bug from a cobweb which she proceeded to name (Lady Buggy), carry around and talk to. Lady Buggy was her "bes fr'wenn." Until she lost her. In my bed. Frowny face.

Oh, there is so much, much, much more I wish I could convey about Wren. Like how she likes to fall asleep with one hand resting on our faces (cute but please sleep in your own bed, child) or how she and Calder can go from BFFs to arch enemies in two seconds. She is such her own person already and I needs to do a better job of capturing her as she grows into that person. She is almost three. Baby times are gone forever now and I have almost totally missed out on recording her toddlerhood. I resolve to be better. Maybe I will even use there here old blog to go back and make real, touchable baby books for my kids so someday they will have something tangible to hold in their hands and remember when.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Career Aspirations

When you six-year-old child comes out of his room and says, "I'm gonna need to you get me some electrical wire" the answer is always no, right?

How about if he follows that up with "Oh and some hooks and clips and a book of spells." Still no, yes?

And what if when you ask him why he has pen all over his chin he says, "Because I wanted to look more like an evil scientist"?

We all gotta have goals, I guess.

*Updated with new picture because Calder didn't think the first one looked evil enough. He's thinking about building his monster.