Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Day of K

First day
Last day. Based on my super accurate Lines on the Door Jam method, Calder has grown about an inch and a half since his first day and only a small amount of that is hair. 
This past Wednesday was Calder's final day of kindergarten. After hearing that they be getting dismissed at the absurd time of 9:30 am, I decided to take the whole day off and do something fun with him rather than just go in late after taking embarrassing sign pictures again. Plus it meant I got to bust out the sign before AND after class.
Only for Wren's epic cheese face

He's got style, that one.

 Unfortunately my fun plans were busted when the DuPage Children's Museum was stuffed to bursting and we couldn't even find somewhere to stop the car long enough to eject the kids from it. After assuaging the tears with promises to take both children to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Go, it was awesome), we hit some thrift stores and headed home for naps.

She insisted on being in all the pictures

With his teacher, Miss Boni, who could not have gotten out of there any faster. I think she's happy to be teaching 4th grade next year.

I think it would be safe to say that Calder's first year of school was a success. We received his last report card that day and his marks we pretty much in line with what I had written on his pre-year evaluation: Smart as shit, talks too much, won't sit still, won't try anything he can't do perfectly (which leads people to think he can't do it at all). In all he had significant'y more good days than not so good and sometimes I really don't blame him. It's hard to sit and be quiet when your class is learning basic sight words and you can read at a second grade level. Apparently he still needs to work on learning his address and home phone number (what's that?) and tying his shoes (which he can, it just takes him a few tries so he won't) and learning how to say, "Yes, I was talking to Evan. Sorry, I will stop now" rather than "Evan was making me laugh!" Personal responsibility, really.

I think Calder did well enough to enjoy the experience and he is certainly looking forward to next year already. He'll tell anyone who happens to stand next to him long enough that his is now a FIRST GRADER and gets to go to school ALL DAY next year. At the same time Calder is also truly enamored with this "summer vacation" he's heard so much about and has all sorts of lofty plans for plane rides and beach outings and whatever else you do when you don't have to go to school. I suppose I'll give him a few weeks before I show him the summer workbooks Miss Boni left in his backpack.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ten Years Ago Today

On the way to see the Cook County Clerk of Courts and get hitched.

It's been cool, I guess.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I don't have any babies left, you guys. Sniff. Not even toddlers. Whimper. Just two big kids. Eep.

Now, you may argue that three is not exactly "big" but don't you dare try that line of arguing with Wren, "I A BIG GWIRL MAHM" Plerpin. I mean technically, she may actually be right what with the 85th percentiling and all. Lady manages to be tall, gangly and solid all at the same time. For someone who just turned three a couple of weeks ago, she's sure tearing through her 3T clothing quickly.

This year we managed to have Wren's party on her actual birthday and invited over a combination of our adult friends and neighbor kids. It's not like three year olds who spend all their time with their parents have many friends of their own. Let me just say, I worked my ass off for this party and the house looked awesome. Then I pretty much forgot to take any pictures because I was so sick of looking at everything.

Wren is great at being three. She is funny, sincere, and terrible. Sometimes all at once. She is learning new things every day and having mastered colors is now working on id-ing letters and numbers. She knows just enough to unlock the ipad. Wren is a master of contrasts. She is the girliest tomboy I have ever met, spending her time digging in the mud for worms whilst wearing an all-pink Hello Kitty tutu ensemble. She likes ponies and princesses and Spider-man and playing ninjas. Wren will eat nearly any fruit or vegetable when it is raw but as soon as it is adulterated in any way, she thinks they're nasty. Except apples, those need the stems pulled off to be rendered edible but please don't try to cut it.

Wren hates both being tired and waking up and as such usually just tries to avoid sleeping altogether. Unless it's in the car, stroller or ugly chair. But she still hates the waking up. Wren is pretty much totally potty trained and even though she either wakes up dry or gets up to pee at night, I still force her to wear pull ups in bed since that bed is usually mine. Part of that whole hatred of sleep thing. On the nights when life has worn me out and she outlasts me, she will play ipad in bed and kiss me on the forehead while I doze or. Or run back and forth from watching hockey in the other room with Daddy to keep re-tucking me in.

She enjoys playing with all the neighbor kids but her brother is still her go-to friend for all things. Wren's favorite toys are her ponies, her Hello Kitties, Alphie and whatever Calder doesn't want her to be touching right now. She is also developing a finders for the whole Disney Princess oeuvre. Every creature she encounters is her best friend up to and including dead bugs. Except bugs that are not cute. They are not her friends. I have no idea what the definition of cuteness even is outside of "not being a cicada".

More than anything, Wren wants to be out and about in the world. She wants her own school to go to and her own friends with play dates and sports and events. Wren is ready to be in and of this world and wipe her muddy hands all over it.

My little bird is growing up.