Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Hockey Mom Fail

I was going to get my act together and do a Wordless Wednesday of hockey pictures from Calder's practice last night but when I got to the rink, I found out my camera viewfinder is busted. WOMP WOMP.

I try, you guys, I really do. It's just that I cannot be trusted with expensive handheld machines. Just ask my last four five phones.  The good news is I can probably get it fixed relatively cheaply but for now you will have to accept whatever old hockey pictures I could find on my SD card. I think these are from. uh, May? Calder's gotten better since then. Moderately better.

BTW: Don't let me forget about this hockey stuff because the season is only three weeks long and I've already got STORIES. I am hockey momming at an elite level.

Monday, September 15, 2014

First Days

Like usual, I am behind again. But I suppose you may forgive me for not feeling like writing a back to school post before Labor Day. Plus now I can include both kids and not have to procrastinate on a second. Like last year, Calder's school year begins absurdly early in August. I could hardly wrap my brain around it just like I could not wrap my brain around alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Which I have since learned is a real thing but not the sort of thing that you can actually purchase for money in a store.

Being the tail end of August, Calder's first day was insanely hot and humid. It was so bad my first try at taking pictures was foiled because the camera lenses kept fogging up. Also look at my dirty steps, will you please tell my husband to get the pressure washer he keeps talking about?

Wren was not happy that Calder was starting school and she was not. Her turn did not come until last week.

I don't even know.
So far, so good for Calder. He's had a few off days but mostly neutral to good and he seems to be right on top of where all his work it at now. He is still ahead in reading but needs to work on the spelling and writing a bit. He's self-conscious about it and always asks me to help him spell things, which I do but I somewhat miss the unintentional hilarity of child-spelling errors. This year Calder gets to have art, gym and music classes which I think have rocketed right to the top of his favorites list. We have also already been invited to approximately one thousand birthday parties, almost all of which are at this one bouncy house place where half of Bruce's hockey team works. I am alomost certain that that is where Calder's next birthday will be.

These two had their desks moved apart by the end of the first day.
At the end of the first day, when I asked Calder what he thought of first grade, all he had to say was, "When can I order hot lunch?" Never, child. I just spent a billion dollars on yogurts in plastic tubes and string cheese. You will eat cold lunch and like it. Except that now they gets cards and you have pre-pay accounts and those little jerks can just lie and say they are getting hot lunch today and let their real lunch fester all day in their backpack. I mean, really. REALLY.

Wren didn't get a sign because Bruce is no fun.
Wren started pre-school on Monday of last week. She is going to be attending three days a week for about two and a half hours each day. Not the most intensive experience but it's probably just the right amount considering she's never been to daycare or anything before. Not like she's shy or anything. More like, it's probably best to unleash Wren on the world in very small increments.

We decided to send her to the local community center pre-school rather than some of the others in the area because, seriously, it was cheap as hell. Plus we knew who her teacher would be. I think she'll be ok in a not-learning-Japanese pre-school. Wren's a smart girl who'd probably do alright in even the jankiest place out there. I am just hoping she doesn't haul off and throttle another kid until at least the third week. All in good fun of course. Beat the Hell Out of Each Other seems to be one of Calder and Wren's favorite activities.

There's not much else I can say about Wren's school because it's right in the sweet spot of making it impossible for me to make either drop off or pick up without missing a whole day of work. She seems to like it and one of the teacher's is a parent in Calder's class so Bruce has a pretty good rapport with her already. I try to ask Wren what she does there during the day but she's not very forthcoming.

Me: Did you sing songs?
Wren: IDON'TSINGBOYSONGS! (i.e. not Frozen I think?)

Me: What did you do today?
Wren: Played with hamsters.
Me: Oh, did you hold them and pet them?
Me: Wait, what? Oh, not real hamsters.

So, uhh, she likes it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Please Touch Museum Photo Dump

Because it got hotter as the week went on, we spent one day inside with A/C at the Please Touch Museum, which despite the creepy name, is actually a pretty neat children's museum.


If I had gotten my way, we would have also visited the Academy of Natural Sciences (dinosaur bones!) and the Mutter Museum (OH MY GOD, THE MUTTER MUSEUM, GUYS! THINGS IN JARSSSSSS) but my sister is one of those weirdos who is unwilling to "drive into the city". Like the physics of driving suddenly change when you enter a different socioeconomic zone. Piff. Next time, then. I have to see what parties she has planned for next year.