Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Please Touch Museum Photo Dump

Because it got hotter as the week went on, we spent one day inside with A/C at the Please Touch Museum, which despite the creepy name, is actually a pretty neat children's museum.


If I had gotten my way, we would have also visited the Academy of Natural Sciences (dinosaur bones!) and the Mutter Museum (OH MY GOD, THE MUTTER MUSEUM, GUYS! THINGS IN JARSSSSSS) but my sister is one of those weirdos who is unwilling to "drive into the city". Like the physics of driving suddenly change when you enter a different socioeconomic zone. Piff. Next time, then. I have to see what parties she has planned for next year.

Wordless Wednesday: Philadelphia Zoo Photo Dump

I am going to bust out the last few pictures from our trip en masse in two posts. While in Philly we hit two major attractions (other than the world's insanest Frozen birthday party) The Philly Zoo and the Please Touch Museum, both of which my sister has memberships to.

They were instructed to pose awesome

Four seconds later this bird bit her.

Pre-being yelled at by operator.

Post-being yelled at by operator.

This is the only shot I could get of the iconic zoo sign. It was snapped from the car window in the process of getting lost immediately after exiting the parking lot. I was also disappointed that the brand new Big Cat Crossing that lets the animals walk over the zoo paths was devoid of any actual big cats. I don't blame them though, it was a remarkably hot day. It was amazing that there were any animals out and about at all.