Friday, February 6, 2015

A New Friend

"Angel found a stray cat and brought it in because of the cold. They can't keep it. Do you want her to bring it over?"

Why can't my husband ask me questions I am allowed to say no to? "No, please put that free cat back outside into the 10 degree weather." or even better, "If they can't keep it, why don't they take it to a shelter." Yeah, no way to say no without looking like an a-hole.

Only smooch that 'stache if you want your face opened up.
So at the beginning of January some friends dropped off a cat they found hanging around a gas station. Kitty was small and cold and a bit beat up but verrrrrrry friendly to people. After Molson passed last January, I had been wanting another cat to keep Floyd company but we'd never done anything about it. This seems like a chance to do good and get a new cat for free because my husband has turned into cheap old man. "They want sixty dollars for a homeless cat? That's INSANE!"

The cat, for its part was unsure about the new digs, so after peeing on my nice boots, it retreated to the basement for two weeks. Every so often one of us would go down there to break up a cat spat between this red-headed stranger and Floyd and cart the unwilling participant upstairs for some dog exposure and cuddles. At some point, we realized that weird bump on the cat's back at the base of his tail was actually a giant infected abscess which had recently popped and was now oozing pus everywhere! So there were like, giant holes in his flesh. It looked painful and gross and I wont post a picture but I'll send it to you if you really want to know.

It is very difficult to take nice pictures of something that won't leave the basement
Bruce ended up taking both cats to our vet; basement cat needed to get scanned for a chip and checked out anyways and Floyd is a 16 lb bundle of walking autoimmune ailments. It turns out the wound was the result of an infected cat bite which would explain basement cat's initial hesitation regarding Floyd, the world's chillest fatboy floppycat. According to the vet, basement cat is a boy, about 6-8 months old, unsnipped and unchipped and needing treatment for his bite. Basement cat is one expensive free cat. But having a massive festering wound would explain why basement cat wanted Floyd to stay the hell back.

"Hello! I am here to make your floors even dirtier!"
Having sunk a chunk of change already, it looks like basement cat is ours now. Keeping with tradition (tradition being naming pets after beer), basement cat has been dubbed Oberon, or Obie, or Obie wan cat-nobi. But also, Rocky, Spike and because my children a weird, Daisy. So far all he answers to is the sound of dry food rattling into the dish.

"I will never forgive you for this"
Now, being mostly healed of his infection, Obie has slowly started integrating himself into the world of the upstairs. He and Floyd have come to terms and Floyd is teaching him the wonders of inside life such as sleeping on clean laundry and annoying me in the bathroom first thing in the morning. Obie is still iffy on the dogs for which I don't blame him. They are annoying. Obie still stays in the basement for the bulk of the daylight hours but he'll come up once the house has settled down for the evening for for good old fashioned kittening the shit out of Floyd's patience. Obie LOVES playing attack the tail. Floyd loves giving me death stares for bringing in the intolerable yet adorable usurper. They've got a follow-up at the vet coming, and an eventual trip for the snip and shots, so I guess he really is staying. Oberon, the world's most expensive free cat.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Catch-up

Christmas was once again a small and casual affair this year. We had initially planned to visit Bruce's family in Canada for the holiday but then we realized Calder's passport had expired. You can't just renew a kid's passport, you have to reapply all over again and both parents a required to be there. That made it somewhat difficult because the only time we could all go in without me having to skip work was a three hour window on Saturday that generally interfered with hockey. Because of course, hockey.

I came home from work in mid-December to find this laying on the coffee table. In all, a pretty solid plan.

So we stayed home which was probably smart because I think Calder would have lost his mind of he had been presented with a wii U and then told that he couldn't play it until we returned home. The wii surprise completely threw his schedule off as did the complete and utter lack of snow. His new to do list looked more like this:

  1. Wake up pre-dawn
  2. Whine about opening gifts until mom and dad have had enough coffee
  3. Play wii U for rest of day

Don't be fooled by how loaded the fire place looks. Most of that is all the Christmas books in bins that I couldn't be bothered to move.

After the debacle of Thanksgiving (I cooked all day, no one ate, dinner was over in less than 15 minutes) I went super low key on the food. I don't even remember what it was. Something in the crock pot probably? I am loving hard on my Crock Pots this winter. Yes, plural. I have three now, of varying sizes.

Only putting this here to note how dark it is outside still.

This is Wren's "I can't Believe I Got A Singing Elsa" face.

This is Calder's "I Can't Believe I got A Bug Vacuum" face.
Since writing about Calder and Wren playing video games all day is super boring. I'll just put up a bunch of pictures of my Christmas decorations. I miss them already.

I bought my mom's vintage Avon Nativity set from her for $40 and my olive wood nativity.

I have a thing for nutcrackers.

And vintage or vintage style glass ornaments.

And, uh, ornaments in general.

My mother-in-law is an enabler. 

I also apparently have a creepy doll ornament collection.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Hair

After much haranguing by various grandmothers, Bruce broke down and gave the kids gift certificates to the rock n' roll hair salon by our house for Christmas. He eventually got around to taking them in almost two weeks ago now and the grammas are finally off our backs.

A refresher, the befores:

The afters:

Wren's looks pretty much the same as last time so she only gets one picture.