Friday, October 24, 2014

Projects, Projects

I swear I said somewhere online that my goal was to finish four quilt tops in the year 2014. Despite the fact that I am possibly the most disorganized and lazy person on the face of the earth, I am very, very close to making that happen. Number one was the birthday present for my niece I posted about before. Below is number two, which is actually a finished quilt that I started AGES ago and got put to the side because it hated the layout. (Still do.) Wren claimed it as hers and it is now on her bed under a layer of uglier blankets to protect it from the dogs.

#2 Fabric: Moda Vintage Modern, Moda Bella Solids Snow, Heidi Grace Birdhouse Poppies. Pattern based off of this.

Of course calling this one of my finished tops for 2014 is kind of misleading because I'm pretty sure all I did two the top this year was add the poppy border. Quilt top number three is a wholesale this year project though. I have had the fabrics for a million years just because I liked them. When Calder realized his sizer was getting number two he declared this one to be his. Ok, sure.

I bought the fabrics as remnants so long ago that I have no clue what they are. I really wish I could find out though, especially the the grey one with all the animals. It's got deer, and turtles and bears and foxes and spike weasels, extremely cute and I'd like to find more. I designed that pattern myself which I am kind of proud of. I am call it Frames.

Quilt top number four is supposed to be for my mother but then my BFF had to go and get preggers so mom's is on hold again. (Next, I swear!) As my gift, I am making them a big ass quilt for the bebeh out of some fabric that I have been coveting FOREVER. I bought a real quilt pattern for this project and then proceed to change all the sizes to better feature the awesome prints. I had to draw the whole thing out anyways.

Fabrics are Charley Harper for Birch Organics and Kona Solids in White and Teal.

So then there is number five (Did I say next, mom? I meant first of 2015!) I "accidentally" ordered much more of the Charley Harper than I needed and had enough to make a second quilt to keep for myself. Something nice to keep me warm while I take pictures of many of these exact birds. I am once again using blogs to help with my pattern choice, getting the basic idea here and here.

But right now, nothing is getting done because I have a Halloween costume to finish. Not for Calder or Wren who told me specifically they wanted ones from the store but for me. I haven't had a new one in a couple of years and I am super excited even though it very may well look like crap because I have zero experience sewing stretch fabrics. I can't wait to get back to my pretty cottons.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things My Children Will and Will Not Eat

A nice Throwback Thursday picture of Calder before he could complain about what I was feeding him

Generally, I have lucked out with my kids in terms of eating. As long as I can provide them with things they like, they will both eat enough healthy stuff to keep scurvy and DCFS away. Neither child seems to mind whole wheat breads and pastas and their bell pepper consumption provides enough vitamin C to keep several pirate ships worth of people from losing their teeth. Calder even likes broccoli. Broccoli!

Being children, however, means there are a few food hills these kids are willing to die on even if they make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

For example:

Calder will eat guacamole.

Calder will NOT eat: avocados, onions, jalepenos, tomatoes, cilantro.


Calder will not eat un-nuggeted chicken unless it's the purest, whitest bits cut from the center of the breast.

Wren will devour a fried chicken wing down to the boniest of bone parts. I am talking meat, cartilage, connective tissue. All of it. She might just eat the bones too if we didn't make her stop.

Neither child will eat pork chops.

Calder WILL eat blood sausage and liver pate.


They will eat things found on the ground, especially in public.

They will NOT eat, restaurant food for which I pay actual, real money.


Wren will eat kale and cheese.

Wren will NOT eat kale with cheese on it.


Wren will not eat food that has touched other food in general.

Wren WILL eat boogers.


Calder will not eat beef unless it's hamburger.

Calder WILL eat fancy-ass dog treats that are made of the parts deemed not good enough for hotdogs.


Wren will eat the ingredients directly off the cutting board as I prep to cook. I am talking raw mushrooms, onions, garlic, cabbage, carrots, raw meat.

Wren will NOT eat any of those items once they have been assembled into an actual meal. And, you know, had the salmonella cooked out.


Some days, both will enthusiastically eat whatever it is I make for dinner. Calder will even say, "This is the best meatloaf/enchiladas/beef noodles I have ever eaten!"

Both will NOT eat whatever it is I made that day, served as leftovers on some other day. It's the Exact. Same. Food. Guys.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Calder's school pictures are today and Wren's were last week. So naturally I just found last year's pictures (and the digital download) yesterday. It's a good thing I did too because apparently the download is only good through one school year cycle. I'll try to be a little more on point this year.

Predicted differences: More hair and MUCH bigger teeth. Teeth that scream, "THIS IS GOING TO COST A LOT OF MONEY!"