Thursday, December 18, 2014


Can someone please tell me what happened to the last seven years? Because I am pretty sure I had a baby at some point but I can't seem to find him.

Have you seen him? He looks like this:

I mean, I have this small person walking around my house:

But I am preeeeety sure he's supposed to be a baby still. Pretty sure. But let me tell you about this kid anyway.

He never, ever stops talking. Ever. Not at home, not a school, not on the ice. I bet he even talks in his sleep. Bruce and I have offered him money in exchange for being quiet for five minutes just to see if he could do it. He cannot. I believe Calder's teacher called it his, "constant stream of amazing ideas and connections." Yes, that. Or maybe it's narrating the never ending Minecraft game he is playing in his head.

That head though. I have always known Calder is smart but man, is it ever now being reinforced. According to the parent/teacher meeting I never wrote about he is reading at the fourth grade level and is killing at math. I was like, "Wait until you guys start doing more science in class." And maybe this is where those amazing ideas come in but it's not just facts for him. Calder lives all up in his imagination, constantly making up games for him and his sister to play, leaving a trail of art supplies in his wake as he draws anything that comes to mind and just randomly wondering aloud about everything and nothing all at the same time.

Oh, Calder can be wonderful but he is still tough and stubborn and sensitive and a whole lotta work at times. It was one of those times, as he sobbed about not scoring a goal during his hockey game, that it dawned on me. After a while, I knew what he was going to say before he said it. And then all at once I knew why, because I've said the same things too. Calder's greatest fear it seems, its disappointing people and oh, how I want to protect him from that but for now these are only minor interludes in the perpetual bombastic braggadocio that only small children and investment bankers have. He is the best at everything, even tying his shoes and riding his bike. Make no mind that he only learned how to do them this past year. He is GREAT at them now and that's what matters. And what matters to me is that he is just great. And no, life isn't perfect all the time but that's probably my fault more than it is his but it is a good life and I am desperately happy that he has been in it for the last seven years.

I don't think Bruce minds having him around either.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Punkins

Halloween 2014

Here's the deal. It's been rill, rill stressed around here lately and I haven't had time to do ANYTHING outside of keeping my house a bare minimum of clean. Hockey season is killing me this year because not only is Bruce never around but now I have to be there too because practices start crazy early, Calder is on the ice too and Wren can't wander around the rink by herself so I meet them there. Being a two car household would fix some of that so if you are one of the two(ish) people that care about this here place, maybe buy me a car?

Anyway. Halloween. I need to get this out before I am required to post a timely "OMG Seven" thing tomorrow. It was crazy cold after being in the 60s the weekend before but at least it wasn't raining!

For some reason, neither child wished to avail themselves of my costume-making prowess this year so I finally had time to make my own. Also, I feel this needs to be said, originally Wren wanted to be a cat. So I bought her a cat costume in size 3T-4T assuming it would fit. It did not. After some arguing over Anna vs. Elsa ("I wanna be Elstha!" "Anna has real sleeves and a cape!") we finally left the house dressed like roughly 30% of the rest of our neighborhood.

We tried to go out on the early side, having two three-year-olds in our party, but after much whinging and several unanswered doors, we restarted an hour later. This provided much more fruitful. Eventually Calder  hooked up with some school buds so I stayed with him to hit the next street over while my neighbors shepherded the two girls down the other side of ours. Apparently one over-sugared first grader can cover twice as much ground in the same amount of time as two cold and cranky preschoolers.

One more picture of me because I worked my ass off on this dress and I am never, EVER sewing stretch knit again.